The Enemy Within

The Story so far...

Our tale follows a group of travelers heading to the small village of Heideldorf. The ragtag group is made up of; Freda, an elven seer, Aylith, an elven prince in exile, Grim Stonearm, a dwarven slayer and Larissa an elf brought up by humans. They travel to the village to seek employment at the the infamous Wurstfest. They manage to secure one of the last spaces on coach, but a couple of days out of town and disaster strikes! A horrendous snapping sound caused the coach to violently shudder to a stop. After picking themselves up from the floor, they step outside to survey the damage; it seems that on the poorly maintained back roads of the empire, the coach has struck a wheel…

Handout 1

The group find themselves isolated on the secluded backroads of the empire; with only the two coachmen for company. Rather gingerly the damage was surveyed and it became clear that little could be done to repair it- instead a replacement would need to be found. After a quick glance at the map a solution was presented by one of the coachmen- travelling the dusty roads to a near by coaching in the Hooded Man. The choice was a simple one; wait on the poorly travelled road or make your way, as a group, to the relative safety of the coaching inn.

Upon reaching the Hooded Man, the party quickly discovered that not all was as it seemed- cultists had managed to assume control of the inn. Unbeknownst to the party their food had been drugged and they slowly began to notice the fatiguing effects. The heroes quickly discovered that something was amiss, after they discovered the gnawed on body of the stable boy and absence of patrons. They approached the ‘landlord’ and managed to ‘coax’ the truth out of him- the inn had been captured by ‘bandits’. Desperate to find the other bandits the party searched the rest of the inn; finding a small trapdoor in the cellar leading to a much old structure.

They found that this older structure was in fact a temple to a blasphemous power, in which the cultists were performing a sadistic ritual, which included the sacrifice of the inn staff and patrons. The heroes interrupted the ritual and sought to destroy the cultists, accidentally triggering the temple’s demonic guardian in the process. The leading cultist, driven mad by the ritual, fell about his former comrades, delighting in their slaughter. The party managed to subdue the cultists, banish the demon and gain control of the inn.

Once some semblance of order hand been established, the party notified the local road wardens and continued on their journey to Heideldorf. The journey to the small village was largely uneventful, and upon arrive they quickly found work at the festival. The group stayed at the festival for over a month. Both Aylith and Freda found someone to teach them the arts of wizardry- in Aylith’s case it was a raven haired human called Selena. Freda received her tutoring from a fellow elf named Laladriel.

The group left Heideldorf for the big city lights of Altdorf. In Altdorf they found little but trouble, having only enough money to secure lodgings in the slums. In the slums they chanced upon the body of a traveler, with documents detailing a large inheritance waiting for him within the Town of Bogenhafen. The party decided that this inheritance would be better lining their pockets.

En route to Bogenhafen, they chanced upon a coach which had been attacked by mutants. Having just dispatched the mutants it is here that our tale begins; the party must decided their next course of action…



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