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Current Date 25th Jahrdrung 2512 IC
Session Number 4
Time Elapsed 42 days
Campaign Started 15th Nachexen 2512 IC
Season Spring


Character Name Race Current Career Player Comments
Grim Stonearm Dwarf Trollslayer Chris A
Aylith Elf Trader Chris I
Freda Elf Seer Margaret
Larissa Elf Unknown Roy

Experience Log



The Old World

“Maybe this world is another planet’s Hell.”

The Old World is a continent, located south of Norsca and north of Araby. The Worlds Edge Mountains form the eastern border.

The Old World has a temperate climate and contains several nations and states. Among the major nations located in the Old World are The Empire, Bretonnia, the kingdoms of the Dwarfs, and the Wood Elves living in the Forest of Loren. Less powerful are Kislev, the
Estalian Kingdoms, the city-states of Tilea, and the region of the Border Princes.

The continent was once colonized by the High Elves but the War of the Beard led to their withdrawal.

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The Empire

The Geography

The Imperial Calendar

The Empire’s History

The Empire’s People

Law in the Empire

Religion in the Empire



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